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There exists no shortage of boot-camps, YouTube channels, and TikTok accounts promising 6 figure salaries after just a few weeks of training. Unfortunately, in my experience this could not be further from the truth. Software development, like any other profession, takes time, dedication, and practice.

You have probably heard of Malcolm Gladwell’s rule that states any skill takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to master. While that may or may not be true the key to becoming a valuable developer lies not only in the quality of those hours, but the value that your acquired skills bring to the table.

Avoid Reading Technical Books Like a Novel


A typical Python based data science or machine learning project can require a plethora of libraries. Keeping track of all of these libraries and version is key to maintaining the portability and collaborative aspects of your project.

Even a bare bones Python analysis project requires libraries such as numpy and pandas for data transformation or Tensorflow and scikit-learn for machine learning. Each of those libraries may also require their own dependencies for specific versions.

As you can see successfully managing dependencies can make developing your project easier. Luckily Python includes options for handling such needs. …


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